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In the year 1990, Vic Zimmerman purchased the “Pine Cone Suites” after graduating from the U of A with an MBA in Marketing, serving in the US Air Force, and teaching at Pima Community College. His new venture, “Cabins and Cookies,” quickly became an enchanting mountaintop attraction with its warm, rustic atmosphere and giant homemade cookies – courtesy of Vic’s good friend, Deborah Lee Beal.

With the Aspen fire of 2003 came tough and heart-breaking changes for all residents of Mt. Lemmon as their homes and businesses were burned to the ground and lost – Cabins and Cookies included. Not one to sit idly, Vic pushed through those trying times by keeping himself busy rebuilding his business. Years later, the Mount Lemmon Cookie Cabin (literally) rose from the ashes and remains one of the mountain’s most sought after must haves for people and families of all shapes and sizes.


Mount Lemmon 

12781 N. Sabino Canyon Park
Mt Lemmon, AZ 85619
(520) 576-1010

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